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Industrial Canopy Solutions

Industrial canopies are a cost-effective solution to protecting goods, equipment, staff and vehicles from damage, weather and the threat of theft or vandalism. They offer an efficient alternative to traditional building and can increase throughput & productivity.

Whether you’re looking for temporary storage space, an area for loading and unloading or a safe walkway across the site, there are many different types of industrial canopy solutions. From simple awnings to larger temporary insulated buildings, you can choose from a range of widths and heights. They can also be installed on concrete surfaces without requiring any pre-prepared ground works. They are available to hire or purchase on either a short-term or permanent basis and can be easily dismantled, relocated, resold or refurbished.

Canopies provide a versatile and valuable asset to businesses in distribution, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. They allow warehouses and distribution centres to expand their storage capacity while providing a dry work environment for preparing and sorting goods before onward transport. They can be used as a protected loading zone for transporters, streamlining logistics and ensuring efficient processing. They can shield workers as they move between facilities and protect them from weather elements, reducing fatigue and the risk of heatstroke.

They can be integrated with photovoltaic panels to generate energy or IoT-enabled sensors to monitor weather conditions and goods. These intelligent features can add significant value to any project, making it possible to adapt to changing business requirements and achieving more sustainable operations.

Besides adding value, industrial canopies can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any facility and attract more clients. For example, installing a canopy at a high-end shopping center entrance creates a more appealing and attractive look to the building and makes it stand out from other retail establishments in the same area. The same goes for restaurants and hotels where a canopy can enhance the exterior appearance while adding a protective covering to outdoor dining or reception areas.

Industrial steel canopies and shade structures are designed to protect people and products from weather elements and other environmental factors such as sunlight, wind and rain. They can be incorporated as part of the entrance to a factory or warehouse, or even as an expansion for existing commercial premises. They can also be fitted with LED lighting to create a more attractive and welcoming atmosphere, increasing the visual impact of a building or a specific area. Moreover, they can also be customised with a logo or any other design feature to suit a company’s branding needs.


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